Monday, April 28, 2014

My book is out! Read it, rate it, spread the word!


Translators can now earn a great living in ways that were unimaginable just 10-15 years ago. You can get paid to translate documents for the clients you choose, during the hours you choose, and wearing the clothes that you choose. Unfortunately, many translators will miss this opportunity because freelance translation means an entire new process that no course or school teaches.

Do you know where to find clients? How do you discern the useful clients from the wastes of time? How can you make sure they pick you as a translator? How will you get paid, and get paid in time? How can you avoid working for a pittance?  

You've learned your language, and this book concentrates on everything else. It walks you through the process of becoming a successful freelance translator: from preparation, to being chosen, to the translation process, to getting paid, and even to expansion - if you want to see how far you can take your translation business. 

Also, don't worry. If you buy a copy of this book, we will send you all future editions for free! The online translation world can change quickly, or maybe we forgot to mention something. Regardless, there is no reason to wait for the "perfect time" to buy this. Buy this once, and you will constantly be up to date. 

About the Author: HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL FREELANCE TRANSLATOR is about 18,000 words long.

What others have to say about "How to be a Successful Freelance Translator:
"Really great information in this book. Especially since most of it can be applied to other freelance categories such as proofreading." - MARLEY GIBSON BESTSELLING AUTHOR & FREELANCE EDITOR
"This book is an absolute must for every new freelancer. Wish I had had it when I started!" - BEATRIX OSTERKAMP ENGLISH-GERMAN TRANSLATOR AND TRANSCRIPTIONIST, OWNER OF OSTERKAMP SPRACH & BUEROSERVICE

  I am offering this book at the temporary introductory price in all formats, but this is for a short time only!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

And a Yea from Apple and Amazon

And my book is in two more places. Hopefully this means everyone finally approves of it. Barnes and Noble, Sony, Scribd, Kobo and a couple more to go...

Monday, April 14, 2014

All the places you will be able to get my new book.

Soon you will have no excuse not to buy it. Or recommend it. Or buy 10 copies for your best friends. And 10 more for your worst enemies. 

Well, these should be available shortly. For now you can get the Kindle version here: