Sunday, December 19, 2010

Recap on NY Resolutions

I figured that before starting out on Next Year's Resolutions I should see how I did with this year's. Luckily this time I wrote them in a place where they wouldn't get lost. So here we go..

1- Write more
I've been pretty much writing all of the entries, as well as most of the entries. I also wrote that book (available here), so I'm pretty satisfied with this aspect (although this blog has been the most neglected)

2- Learn HTML, XHTML & CSS
I read the "for dummies" book. Of course, I no sooner finished it than I realized I should probably take on php, Joomla, Wordpress, etc. Anyway, that'll be next year I guess.

3- Publish a book
Available here! It was self-published, which is a choice I made more for expediency than anything. I was also able to learn the ropes of publishing though, which should come in useful.

4- Learn to cook at least 5 dishes well
Total Fail. I learned one dish cause I forced myself. Yeah. I guess I don't like cooking. I should find a way to kick my own ass and learn a few dishes though.

5- Have a business be profitable and self-sustaining
Yeah, pretty much fail again. Ticinowedding (soon to be Lugano wedding), should be profitable in 2011. Dumbagent is a big If, since I plough any money I make right back into it. Self-sustaining would be the key for these, so I can at least concentrate more on other endeavors.

6- Enter at least 1 contest per month
I guess. I was good at this at the beginning, although I noticed none of my writings won anything; only my pictures. Hmmmm.

7- Multi-task less
Work in progress, as always. If anyone is interested in this I highly recommend the application "Selfcontrol" (at least for Macs). Oh and read Getting Things Done and The 4-hour workweek.

8- Take more pictures
Yeah I've been taking tons (you can see them all here).

So I guess i give myself a 5.5 out of 8, or 68.75%. I should continue numbers 4 and 5 next year. But I'll address that later on.