Monday, August 23, 2010

A Banking Service for Everything Else

So you have to travel pretty often for your work. You've found that you tend to go to the same cities quite regularly. So, say you end up going to Atlanta, where your company headquarters/big client/main warehouse is located. Do you look forward to these trips? Is the baggage fee an extra hassle? Do worry about getting overhead space for your carry-on? Do you dread having to stand there waiting for your luggage to turn up at the carousel? Do you worry what state the luggage will be in, or if it will show up at all?

Now consider this: how much more would you look forward to these trips if you didn't have to worry about luggage at all? What if, when you arrived at your hotel, your suit, shoes, shirts, ties, jogging suit, bathing suit, informal wear, toiletries, electronics chargers, etc. were all waiting for you?

ObjectBank can make this happen. After your first visit, we will offer to store whatever clothes, objects, electronics you may need. We can even have your clothes dry-cleaned. We will then deliver them to you upon your next arrival. From now on you don't have to worry about checking in luggage. In fact, you barely need carry-ons! Just leave what you need with us and don't worry about it again until your next visit to the Peach State!

As we expand you will even be able to have the clothes and objects you dropped off in Atlanta be available for you when you travel to San Francisco (or whichever other city we operate in). ObjectBank aims to be a veritable bank for your objects, where you can deposit in one city and withdraw in another.

If you would like to contribute to this new project you can donate using the link below. Those who donate more than $250 will have free services for one year. If you would like a form of convertible debt option you can let us know at

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