Thursday, May 07, 2009

Questions to ask

What to ask a prospective personal trainer

1 - Do I actually need a PT?
Answer: If you want to learn, not follow - yes
2 - What qualifications do you have?
Answer: certified courses longer than six months
3 - Are you going to to an assessment?
Answer: Yes. If they're not assessing, they're guessing.
4 - Can you tell me about nutrition and psychology?
Answer: Of course. Fitness is about lifestyle, nutrition and mentality- not just muscles
5 - Are you insured?
Answer: Gym-based PTs are covered, but get proof of private PTs' personal and equipment liability.

Top 5 questions you should ask a nutritionist

1 - What is the easiest way to get the antioxidants I need throughout the day?
Answer: Frozen peas. Easy to add to any mail and really cheap
2 - How can I limit my risk of Heart attack?
Answer: More olive oil. Extra virgin or normal
3 - How can I bring my cholesterol Level down?
Answer: Eat more seafood and eggs.
4 - How much meat should I be eating?
Answer: Think quality, not quantity. Go for the best you can afford.
5 - What the hell are trans-fats anyway?
Answer: Chemically altered vegetable oils even worse than saturated animal fats.

Both courtesy Men's Health. Once again this serves as my notepad.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Secret Tips

Go directly to Voicemail
If you want to leave someone a message directly on voicemail you can call 267-SLY-DIAL, then dial your friend's number, and leave a message explaining that it's just not working out.
Probably only works in the US.

Secret Starbucks drinks
Red eye: Drip coffee with a shot of espresso
Black eye: Drop coffee with 2 shots of espresso.

The Flying Dutchman: Two beef patties, two cheese slices, no bun
The Neapolitan: A three-layer milkshake
Animal-Style fries: Topped with cheese, grilled onions and special sauce.
This'll only work in the west coast I guess.

I'm curious as to whether the Starbucks one works in the UK.

Both courtesy of Wired Magazine, and this is the best place I had to jot them down.