Saturday, June 11, 2005

Some Timekillers

Here are a couple of articles I've come across recently that someone might find interesting. It's just a good way to waste time if you have any to spare:

This first one is interesting since it's about the old Alma Mater. I guess I should've been more pushy about my grades there. I didn't even think of this option half of the time.

This next one is a cynical, but interesting, viewpoint on Live 8. How the world's poor are being called upon to help old, balding rock stars.

This one seems like an interesting book. I might pick it up at some point, so if anyone else does please let me know. Time travel would be quite interesting.

Ok I can't tell if this next one is a joke or if it's for real, but then again I've never returned a printer.

This is just plain useful, if it's all true.

Ok these next two are just interesting news articles I came about. This first one must be complete baloney, otherwise I can't see how it hasn't received more coverage. At least I haven't seen any other articles about it:

And I don't understand this, but I guess I'm just getting old:

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PhD Wannabe said...

Hey I just read that link about Japanese vinegar. Personally I hate the taste of it even as a purpose for seasoning, so don't ever think I will try drinking it. But you know what? My ex-apt mate herself has been drinking apple vinegar, some organic drink that will help you lose weight. They claim it'll make you go less hungry and loss your appetite. But anyway, the taste is awful. I tried it once and I have to run to the bathroom so often (to puke) and I got quite hungry afterwards!