Saturday, June 11, 2005

Some Timekillers

Here are a couple of articles I've come across recently that someone might find interesting. It's just a good way to waste time if you have any to spare:

This first one is interesting since it's about the old Alma Mater. I guess I should've been more pushy about my grades there. I didn't even think of this option half of the time.

This next one is a cynical, but interesting, viewpoint on Live 8. How the world's poor are being called upon to help old, balding rock stars.

This one seems like an interesting book. I might pick it up at some point, so if anyone else does please let me know. Time travel would be quite interesting.

Ok I can't tell if this next one is a joke or if it's for real, but then again I've never returned a printer.

This is just plain useful, if it's all true.

Ok these next two are just interesting news articles I came about. This first one must be complete baloney, otherwise I can't see how it hasn't received more coverage. At least I haven't seen any other articles about it:

And I don't understand this, but I guess I'm just getting old: