Monday, January 09, 2012


In case you're wondering, the people at the front desk of my apartment have given me an Ozone machine. Apparently I leave this on in my apartment and it gets rid of malicious odors. I'm not sure if the "Ozone" in the machine's name has anything to do with the one that's depleting the stratosphere, and I chose not to ask, since I don't want to risk feeling guilty until I've gotten rid of this non-dead-person smell.

No dead people

When I first moved into this apartment there was a smell which I attributed to lack of air circulation, so I kept the windows open and tried to give it some time. This was over a month ago and the smell never left, so I asked the front desk if someone could look into it. When the maintenance guy came he said "Well, if you were on the sixth floor I'd know what it was, since a guy died there and it was a while before they found him, but I don't know what this is." I thought it was possible someone else might have died in the meantime, but I didn't mention it. I'm not really sure what a dead body smells like, but from the reactions I see in movies to people opening car trunks with dead bodies, I don't think it's a dead body.