Monday, December 26, 2011

Recap on NY Resolutions for 2011

It's the time of year again when I take stock of what I have (and have not) accomplished in the past 12 months. Around one year ago I wrote up some New Year's resolutions, or goals, which I set for myself, and let's see how I followed through on them.

1. Learn to cook 5 dishes well
I'm pretty sure this was the second year in a row that I had this on my list, but I don't think I've gotten any further than two dishes. I might stop there for now and just assign myself one dish per year (since that seems to be my pace). I have no real reason to speed this up either, since I definitely haven't caught the cooking "bug".

2. Read Wordpress for Dummies
Done and done. Although I feel like new plugins and updates are coming along all the time.

3. Create a System for Lugano Wedding
I set one up, tore it down, and set one up again. I have one now, although I'm not sure it's working well. I'm slowly realizing that I really am the weak link in this and should probably take myself out of the equation as much as possible. This does seem odd, however, so I should figure out the details here.

4. Find Contributors for DumbAgent
There have been a couple this past year, and of high quality, although no regular contributors have come up. Something is better than nothing, but more needs to be done. It might be interesting to try various marketing tactics for this.

5. Update my Personal Website
Done. You can go to or to to check them out.

6. Run 10k.
Finished in 54 minutes, so I'll call it done. I thought this would lead to a greater interest in running, which it didn't.

7. Go in a Hot Air Balloon
Still haven't done this. Had one opportunity, although it conflicted with all my plans and was a tad expensive for a very boring area. I thought I might as well wait until I find an interesting area (the Alps, the Cappadocia hills, etc.)

8. Visit CERN
Done as well, and I will add that it was awesome. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to get their nerd on. Of course, the post-doc giving us the tour said he didn't think the Higgs would be found, so he might have just been proven wrong, or not. Physicists can never seem to make their mind up.

I'll soon post some goals for 2012. If the world is ending I might as well cross some other items off my list before Armageddon. My short term goal for now is to get over my cold.

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